Our story.


A perspective of renewal.

With the purpose of merge together the two companies, C.T. Sistemi Plastici and Pur.Ex., whose internal management had become difficult and the logistic expensive, in order to improve the efficiency in 2018 a new industrial building of about 5000 m2 has been bought in Trezzo sull’Adda.

Renovations of the new building started during the summer of 2019, but had to stop because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

After more than 60 years of experience in the plastic sector, on April 3rd 2020 Mr. Crippa – the historical company holder and founder – passed away. The management has passed onto his daughter Crippa Monica and son Crippa Paolo, and their families, which brought a modern vision with care and wisdom, still maintaining the same ideals of Mr. Crippa, regarding activities management and daily problems, both from the operative and the administrative and decisional side.

On May 4th 2020 renovation started again together with the readjustment of the new building for the businesses and in August the whole Pur.Ex. has been transferred, followed by C.T. Sistemi Plastici in November.
After the reunification of the two companies in the new building, Pur.Ex. has been incorporated into C.T. Sistemi Plastici, in order to obtain several efficiency and effectiveness benefits in every industrial process.

In this new industrial structure new processes have been undertaken towards industry 4.0, both in moulding and assembling. In the future, more improvements towards this direction will be implemented, contributing to the company objective of enhancing its digitalization. Furthermore, several molds have been renewed and enhanced in order to be more efficient during the actual production. Moreover, new heat welding machines have been recently bought.

New C.T. Sistemi Plastici’s plant.

Another important project the company cares about is the installation in 2022 of photovoltaic cells to increase the environmental footprint. This investment is linked to the company objective of using more sustainable and optimized energy and reducing its environmental impact, both increasingly relevant especially in the industrial sector.
These important investments denote the company willingness to continue the activity with passion and determination, the same that always drove Mr. Crippa. With intense curiosity and trying to refine further the abilities achieved during these years, the company is always open to new work proposals, with the main objective of satisfying its customers and increasing the contacts network created over the years.